Grill Tips

Get Your Grill On
Grilling is simple. But if you need some tips, we have plenty. From grill-side behavior to what to wear, check out our wisdoms and musings.
  • An unattended grill is a danger to pets, kids, and everyone’s taste buds.

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  • Cooking is a one-person job. But wisecracks and high-fives are always welcome around the grilling perimeter.

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  • Mesquite wood chips and mesquite potato chips are two different things. Snack wisely.

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  • If you want a medium burger, don’t make it so large.

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  • Never touch another man’s tongs.

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  • A humorous apron is always appreciated.

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  • Love is the most important ingredient. Next is meat.

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  • Stand over the grill and talk about how great it is to be grilling.

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  • For best grilling posture, plant feet shoulder width apart with one hand on hip.

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  • Be one with the spatula.

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  • To get a well-done burger, enjoy a long conversation with a friend.

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  • Yes, you want one more.

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  • Are you having a barbecue or a cookout? Decide ahead of time.

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  • Great times start with grill marks.

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  • Preheat before meat.

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  • If it’s raining, bring an umbrella.

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  • If you’re working the grill, let someone else pick the music. It’s only fair.

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  • Turn your grill on.

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  • A spatula is not a fly swatter.

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We've been grilling for a long time. Here are some things we picked up along the way:
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Charcoal and gas grills are both great. But either way, make sure you preheat that bad boy.
Flat & Functional:
Flat & Functional: Burger patties get rounded tops as they cook. Make a little indent in the middle of your patties to keep ‘em nice and flat and perfect for topping.
Sticky Situation:
Food sticks to a dirty grill, so make sure your grate is glistening. If you’re still stuck, brush on a little olive oil.
High Heat, Better Meat:
Get your grill roaring (about 500°F, or until charcoal is covered with a thin coat of ash). That’ll give you the tasty sear and crisp grill marks everybody loves.
Location, Location, Location:
When it comes to hot dogs, you can sweat ‘em slowly around the outside of the grill, or char ‘em up over direct flame. Whatever pleases the crowd.
Burn Control:
If you’re using a small grill for a tailgate or campout, watch the temp. These puppies heat up quick!
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